Our auditing missions

Pre-certification audit :

Do you want to be qualified for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001, ISO 17025 or other certifications? We are not an official certification body but thanks to some of our inspectors who have worked experience working for these organisations, we can help achieve your certification faster and more efficiently. We can for example, simulate the official certification audit and help to identify, correct and avoid any issues which may come up on the day, and thus help you avoid multiple costly visits from the external auditor in order to achieve certification.

Audit of new suppliers :

Are you looking for a new supplier or partner for future orders ? Does everything seem to be perfect on paper, but you still have some legitimate doubts or concerns? We can travel to your potential new partner’s facilities and evaluate their capacities for production, their ability to meet your requirements and the quality expected by your client, and their respect of their certifications. We can provide your with a comprehensive and detailed report which will reassure you and help avoid any potential disappointments.

Periodic audit of existing suppliers :

An effective and long partnership sometimes requires a periodic audit to ensure that everything is proceeding as expected. This type of audit works on the same basis as re-certification audits which are performed every 3 or 5 years, depending on applicable standards. This can also be a targeted audit focused on a new specific purchase order, to ensure that your usual partner can meet the needs of a particular new project.

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