Our inspection activities

Our ambition is to meet the needs of both customers and suppliers in the way which is best adapted to each, all the while providing the highest levels of service.

Inspection : We are ready to meet your needs with our multidisciplinary team, from metal casting (with for example, electric furnaces), to machining (cold and hot), forming (cold and hot), forging, sampling on prototype parts and surveillance of all subsequent destructive and non-destructive testing (NDT).

Our company includes welding specialists (homogeneous and heterogeneous) who are able to analyse WPS/WPQR documents, and “on-site” specialists who will be able to ensure correct execution at the worksite, analyse NDT results (including Radiographic film), and witness pressure tests, in order to allow them to state with conviction that “this has been done with quality, you can proceed”.

Our fields of work

Our team will respond in a targeted way to each request.

For example:

  • Impositions en ASTM/ASME/API/NACE
  • Requirements in ASTM/ASME/API/NACE
  • Requirements in EN / ISO / NF
  • Requirements in Norsok … and many more
  • Our scope goes beyond the petrochemical, gas, fertilizer and cryogenic industries. Wherever there is metal, or other materials coupled with metal, verification of electrical issues; our scope has few limits

Oversight and validation of the same activities in the nuclear field (we have ASME III and RCC-M qualified inspectors)

We do not have any geographical or time limits to our scope of work.

Beyond on-site inspection, we can analyse specifications which you send us, and according to your requests we can provide detailed reports on your needs, consult you on material selection and equivalency between standards, and suggest additional tests to be performed to ensure the integrity of materials which you need to use.

Contact us

Our team of specialists works as a network.
Send us your question or request : we will analyse it to find the specialist best suited to your situation.